Introrealism – Antithesis of Surrealism Published on


Introrealism – Antithesis of Surrealism Published on

SAINT LOUIS, MO – June 13, 2018 – Mixed media artist Josef Clark Galvez announced today that his artist-run initiative “Introrealism — Antithesis of Surrealism” and its companion art book “Introrealist” have been published on Josef Clark Galvez is known for his dynamic and colorful hybrid creations. The publications are free for the public to read.

Josef Clark Galvez lives and creates his art in St. Louis, MO and Manila, Philippines. Regarding these publications Galvez stated “I am very pleased and gratified the publications are freely available for the world to see. It is nice to be able to disseminate Jungian theories that explore the importance of art in our understanding of unconscious reality.”

Introrealism subscribes to the idea that encounters in the unconscious realm are valid experiences of the individual and therefore indispensable in understanding the workings of the human psyche. It is a psycho-philosophical approach to individual unconscious experience using principles introduced by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Introrealism’s emphatic use of reason and conscious presence in navigating the unconscious makes it run counter to Surrealism’s thematic dogma. This, in fact, is what makes Introrealism the antithesis of Surrealism.



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