Intermission in the Devils Den

Pastel on paper

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Comment by Michelle Henschel on March 23, 2012 at 3:31pm

Intermission in the Devils Den~

In the caves of sin and despair~ you'll find her silently waiting there~ Money drugs and guns all around~ desires dragging me gagged and bound~ Screaming Inside tearing from within~ raping cries heard from the blackness of the den~ Fear flows through bleeding eyes~ crouching in corners~ hiding from my various lies~ Evil thoughts fuel her desire~ screams of terror through eyes wide with fire~ Ripping skin using pliers~ painful penitence for animalistic aspires~

Torture and lust a blacking cancer growing within~ dazed blank eyes gaze upon the face of sin~ Her demons crawl inside my soul~ chanting “It’s time to pay your toll”~  running in circles manically crying~ eyes and fists turned to the sky~ a heart sick broken and dyeing~ Demented diva drags me to hell by the chain~ while her demons drink in my eternal pain~ Sinful lusts chaining minds as slowly it sinks in~ I’m a plaything here for their sadistic whims~ Down to hell voices screaming with regret~ as demons dance and chant you’re so fucking pathetic~

 Shame filled faces sneaking over to our side~ horrific tendencies everyone tries so hard to hide~ while Satins own pilgrims are singing~ as angels to children, Welcome and please come in~ she’s building an army of solders in the Devils Den~                                                 

                                                                      Michelle Henschel 

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