Naughti Gras 2009 - Official Call for Art

We are excited to bring Naughti Gras back again for its second season.
Naughti Gras is an Erotic Art Exhibition featuring artists in our
region that focus within a genre of erotic art. The exhibition is held
right before Mardi Gras picks up and is held at the Koken Art Factory
(2500 Ohio Avenue) in Saint Louis. Naughti Gras is a one night event.
Featured along with the regions most fantastic erotic art, there will
be food, entertainment, and a cash bar. As promised we are making it
Bigger, Better, and Naughtier!

Please find below the show details:
January 25, 2009 - Submission Deadline
February 2, 2009 - Acceptance Notification
February 6, 2009 - Art Drop-Off, 5 - 9pm
February 7, 2009 - Art Drop-Off, 12– 5pm
February 14, 2009 - NAUGHTI GRAS 2009!
February 23, 2009 - Art Pick-Up, 5 - 9pm
February 25, 2009 - Art Pick-Up, 5 - 9pm
February 26, 2009 - *Final Art Pick-Up, 5 - 7pm

*Artwork remaining after final pick-up will be auctioned off for charity

Naughti Gras 2009 Event Information:

Saturday, February 14, 2009
7:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Admission $5.00
18+ Entry

Koken Art Factory, 2500 Ohio Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63104

Submission Guidelines
Please read and follow guidelines listed on both pages. Failure to
follow basic guidelines may omit you from being accepted.
Deadline for Submissions is January 25, 2009, midnight cst.

- Artists working in all media are invited to submit recent Erotica
(created within the last 2 years).
- We cannot accept shipped artwork. All accepted works must be
delivered and picked up in person on the dates specified.
- All submissions must be of original design and personal execution.
- All artists and models must be at least 18 years of age.
Photographers should have signed model releases and may be asked for
them by the jury.
- Artists that are accepted must be willing to be filmed and/or must
be willing and available to participate in any press interviews,
and/or documentaries, and photo releases. Artists must be willing to
also have their Artwork filmed or included in any press releases,
articles or other publications seen fit by the Naughti Gras committee.
- Content is totally up to you, as long as the submissions are EROTIC
and does not break any state or federal obscenity laws.
For information on Obscenity laws in Missouri:
http://www.moga. chapters/ chap573.htm.
- All submissions should be sent within one e-mail. Each file attached
should be no larger than 500kb in file size (4"x 6").
E-mailed submissions should be sent to jury@stlnaughtigras .com.

Images must be named in the following manner, the artist's last name,
a short title, and dimensions.
(i.e. "Tom Jones_Naked_ 4ftX2ft.jpg" , "Jones_Fist_ 24inX36in. jpg, etc.)

- All 2D work MUST have proper wire for hanging already installed on
the back and MUST be ready for hanging.
- Each piece accepted should have 2 tags (one to be attached to the
back of each art piece, and one for the wall display).
- Organizers reserve the right to refuse any artwork for any reason,
at any time, without explanation.

Send Submissions to jury@stlnaughtigras .com by January 25, 2009,
midnight cst

Artists may submit a maximum of four (4) pieces.
- Painting/Illustrati ons/Photography: Submit no more than one (1)
Digital photo/scan of each piece.
- Sculpture & Multi-Dimensional Art: Submit no more than three (3)
digital photos per piece. If pieces are accepted all 3-D work must be
accompanied with pedestals and/or presentable bases for sculptural pieces.
- Body Painting: Submit no more than three (3) digital photos of your work
- Film/Video: 3 stills and a brief description / or you may email a
hosted link to a video file. Do not email a video file directly, only
email a hosted link to your video file, (i.e. YouTube, etc.).
- Performance Art and Installations: Email proposal, 100 words or
less, or you may email a hosted link to a video file. If accepted
Installation work that requires materials for staging and set-up must
be provided by artist(s).

Email All Submissions to: jury@stlnaughtigras .com

For each piece submitted, include the following:

Physical dimensions of piece:

Email must Include:

Artist's Legal Name, Address, telephone number AND cell phone (if
applicable), and email address.

Do Not send compressed, Zipped or Stuffed folders.
Do Not send your submissions as a link to your website or image
gallery as it will not be accepted.

Selection and Notification:

-Notification will be made on or before February 2, 2009. We will
notify you, please do not email us inquiring as to the status of your
submission(s) .
-Artists with works selected for the show will be notified, via email,
phone, or by mail.
-Upon acceptance, artists will receive information by e-mail including
the waiver, a copy of the Drop-off/ Pick-up instructions, and
electronic postcards for their e-mail list. Accepted Artists will also
receive postcards at time of drop-off. If needed earlier please
contact us.

Fees: There is no submission fee.
-Accepted artists will incur a single $25.00 non-refundable acceptance
fee (per artist, not per piece) payable by cash only at the time of
drop-off. Artists retain 100% of sales, we will not take any commission.

How the work is judged: The Naughti Gras Show tries to be edgier, and
more fun than what one might expect from an erotic art exhibition.
Other than legal age requirements, nothing is censored, nothing too
filthy or too subtle. All art is considered, from the high, to the
low, from the biggest names, to the first timers. We have seen erotic
work from expressionists, abstracts, commercial artists,
photographers, and more. Comic and pin-up art has as much chance as a
realistically rendered fine-art piece. We want to be amazed, excited,
astounded, humored or aghast, we love it all.

The Naughti Gras Show is juried by the organizers along with a few
experts we respect. Art ranges from classic museum quality
craftsmanship, to crude at-tempts at expressionism. The decision all
boils down to, do we like it? Our main criteria are, "Is it erotic?"
closely followed by "Is it good?" This covers a huge spectrum, as
"erotic" can cover many areas. We'll admit, some art goes way over the
edge, if you can shock us; you will most likely end up on the wall.

Alright then, Let's Get Naughti!

Send Submissions to jury@stlnaughtigras .com by January 25, 2009,
midnight cst

For More Information:
info@stlnaughtigras .com

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Please view the attached. Is something like that okay? I do lots of this kind of work. This one would not be used, for it was a practice sketch from a photo. I have lots more and lots naughtier well suited.... :)
I think you should submit your image to the exhibt. What have you got to loose? It doesn't cost anything to enter. It's a very well done drawing. (I am not the juror by the way).
Jane Linders said:
I think you should submit your image to the exhibt. What have you got to loose? It doesn't cost anything to enter. It's a very well done drawing. (I am not the juror by the way).

I have a quick question, and felt it would be best asked here instead of emailed to the jury. I was looking at old emails today, and stumbled across the application I had sent in for this show. I realized that because I was emailing multiple pictures, AOL sent them in a zipped folder. Should I go back and email my pieces again, under another email provider who won't compress them? Or will no one really care?

I'm curious because I don't want something that small to ruin my chances!

Thank you!
I would re-send your images. Send each one seperately in an unzipped file.

Good luck!

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